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NOVEMBER 3, 2014

Keystone Communities Grant Program

Public Meeting: November 3, 2014 6:30 PM

Jefferson Township Municipal Building

487 Cortez Road, Jefferson Township, PA 18436

1. Attendance:

Lester L Butler, Jr, Chairman

John Patterson, Supervisor

Paul Thomas, Supervisor

Coleen Watt, Township Secretary

Mary Louise Butler, PE

Walie Field

Michael Harkins

Charles Keating

Edwin Frisbie

Edward Keating

Gary Black

Ted Zeiler

Larry Black

John Rutkowski

2. The Jefferson Township Board of Supervisors, 487 Cortez Road, Jefferson Township, PA 18436, submitted an application for a Keystone Communities Program Grant on January 31, 2014.

3. Keystone Elm Street Eligibility Criteria:

Residential area in an established neighborhood

Neighborhood must be within ½ mile from a commercial district

Neighborhood must display signs of deterioration and be in need of revitalization

4. Jefferson Heights:

An established residential neighborhood.

A C-1 District is located across SR 247 from Jefferson Heights

Storm water infrastructure is inadequate and in need of revitalization

5. Jefferson Township has been prioritized for a $200,000 Keystone Communities Program


6. Project Proposed as Submitted

Design and construction of storm water improvements in Jefferson Heights. The improvements will assist in stopping the flooding of roadways and homes and help to eliminate the dangerous icing conditions the area has experienced. The Keystone Communities Grant will set the Township on a course to complete the improvements the Township requires to increase the viability of our older neighborhoods, and improve the lives of the residents.

7. Public Meeting must be held to discuss Keystone Communities Program Grant prior to final grant approval.

8. Question: Were any other areas of the Township canvased?

Answer: Yes, Jefferson Heights and Happy Acres. These two residential neighborhoods fit the criteria by being within ½ mile of a commercial zone.

9. Meeting minutes have been prepared by Mary Louise Butler, P.E.