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Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 6, 2014


The regular monthly meeting of the Jefferson Township Board of Supervisors was held on Monday, January 6, 2014 at the Jefferson Township Municipal Bldg. 487 Cortez Rd., Jefferson Township, PA 18436.


Call To Order:  Meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. (following reorganization)


Roll Call: Lester L. Butler, Jr., John H. Patterson, Jr., Paul T. Thomas, Coleen Watt, Attorney Donald P. Dolan.


Public Comment on Agenda Items: There were no comments


Minutes of Previous Meeting: A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Aye carried.


Treasurers Report: A motion was made by Paul T. Thomas second by John H. Patterson, Jr. to approve the treasurers report as read.  Aye carried.


Reports of Officials and Committees:  Ambulance, Fire Company, Historical Society, Police, Road, and Sewer Authority reports were read by Secretary, Coleen Watt.


Action on Bills: A motion was made by Paul T. Thomas second by John H. Patterson, Jr. to pay all outstanding bills and payroll.  Aye carried.


New Business:  A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to appoint Christopher Arnone Auditor to fill a vacancy left by R. Mark Powell.  Aye carried.


A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to authorize Attorney Donald Dolan to work with Attorney Cecchini, Pennvest, DCED and any other agencies required to secure a modification of bond and other loan documents for Jefferson Township Sewer Authority regarding their Pennvest loan.  Aye carried.


A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to approve payment to Wreck A Mend in the amount of $531.50 to repair damage to Shane Pontoskys car by a Township plow truck on Christmas Eve.  Aye carried. This was the lowest of three quotes.


Miscellaneous Business:  Paula Sorg was concerned with residents pushing snow into Cortez Road near the intersection of 348.  She felt it was a dangerous situation.


Mrs. Kapeluck asked if the motion passed regarding Attorney Dolan meant the taxpayers would be paying Attorney Dolan to help the Sewer Authority.  It was explained the Township backs the debt for the Authority so Attorney Dolan needs to protect the Township's interest. 


Mrs. Kapeluck asked about the $502,000.00


Will Keating asked about the wages for the employees.  He wanted to know how much each employee received.


Richard Sorg asked why the Township Supervisors go to convention.  He also asked how many people go to convention and why can't they watch in on television.


Nancy Utter asked if anyone contacted Gary Enslin to see if he was interested in being Jefferson Township's alternate Sewer Enforcement Officer.


Paula Sorg asked why the Supervisors didn't post the vacancy for the Sewer Authority.


Richard Sorg asked why Mike Hyduchak was re-appointed.


Matt Pendrak felt it was an unwise decision for the Supervisors to re-appoint Mike Hyduchak to the Sewer Authority.  He feels they are rewarding bad behavior.


Matt Pendrak asked Supervisor Patterson about the letters he was going to send to DEP regarding outdoor wood burning stoves and on-lot management.


Matt Pendrak asked about the letter the Township was going to send to the Sewer Authority regarding employee wages.  Attorney Dolan indicated he sent a letter to the Authority and did not receive a written response, but he has spoke to their Attorney regarding this matter.


Matt Pendrak noted the Township said they were going to be heavily involved with negotiations regarding the potential lease of the Sewer Authority.


Matt Pendrak noted the flashing lights for the school bus crossing on 348 are not working.  He volunteered to look at them.  The Board informed Mr. Pendrak the lights are maintained by North Pocono School District.


In reviewing Sewer Authority minutes from 2008, Matt Pendrak noted Authority member Peter Lee wanted the Authority to look into changing phone companies to save money.  He also noted Moosic Lakes Board asked for a list of customers at the Lake to see who was hooked up and who was not.  Months went by and there was no further discussions.


John Giguere said he appreciates the faith the Supervisors have in him by appointing him to the Sewer Authority.




Nancy Utter asked if anyone has found out what happened to the money that was to be used to hook up the Golf Course in the 1990's.  She also asked if the Township is putting residents in jeopardy by refinancing this Pennvest loan.


Supervisor Thomas asked if anyone had questions concerning Township business.  He noted he would not continue to field questions concerning sewers.  They should be addressed at the Sewer Authority meeting.


There being no further business a motion was made by Paul T. Thomas second by John H. Patterson, Jr. the meeting adjourned.


Meeting Adjourned 8:10 p.m.                                       ______________________________

                                                                                    Coleen Watt, Secretary